1- Q.: what is Tofcash?
A.: Tofcash is a network that allows you to earn money with your own website or Youtube channel with your custom referer.

2- Q.: Who can join Tofcash?
A.: All people are welcome.

3- Q.: I can have 2 accounts?
A.: NO. One account per IP. Otherwise your account will be banned.

4- Q.: I can use a Proxy?
A.: NO. Your account will be banned.

5- Q.: How much can I earn by using Tofcash?
A.: Depends on your dedication. The more you click on other people ads, the more your ads will receive clicks from other people. You can earn up to $1500/month.

6- Q.: How many points can I earn per invited friend?
A.: You received 1 point for each invited friend.

7- Q.: Why my account was banned?
A.: For the following reasons:
- You do not follow the rules of websites visits.
- You used a proxy to enter our site. Which is not allowed.
- By manage 2 accounts.

8- Q.: When can I start making money?
A.: Now. Create an account NOW!

9- Q.: More informations?
A.: Contact us via support@tofcash.com.